Heritage Series

The Heritage Tanker is built with a classic square tank and offers industry-leading versatility, with options for large hose beds, additional compartment space and the ability to be a pumper/tanker. The walls of the Heritage’s APR Poly Tank are 3/4” with no additional outer layer, making this apparatus lighter than most in the industry. Because the tank is lighter, there is more available weight for water and equipment. In addition, the tank comes with a lifetime warranty and will be corrosion and maintenance free for the entire life of your apparatus.

At a Glance

  • 30-year warranty on body, compartments and subframe
  • Lifetime warranty on tank
  • Formed and welded, corrosion resistant, Stainless Steel body and subframe
  • Welded Stainless Steel structural tubing
  • Exclusive DVS isolators
  • Optional 3-way dump system to ensure use of all water
  • 3/4" outer tank walls with no additional poly makes for a lighter tank
  • National dealer service network dedicated to facilitating a hassle-free warranty experience
  • Front, top, side, under body, and mid-mount pumps
  • Polypropylene tanks with full containment baffling and dual vent/overflows for superior fill and dump performance
  • Adjustable and slide-out trays
  • Custom, flexible storage solutions
  • Roll up or box and pan doors
  • Custom-built porta-tank, static ladder, electric, or hydraulic racks
  • Hale, Darley or Waterous pumps
  • Choice of multi-plexed or hard-wired electronic components
  • Custom or commercial chassis
  • Stainless Steel dump configuration options: side to rear in manual, electric or air-operated